The project »On the road with Martin Krpan« is going to take place in Slovenia. Participants will be young people from Slovenia and Spain. Through different sport activities in nature and through autobiografic, documentary film they will get to know the problems, disibylities of each other, problems with enviroment and diferences between countries and cultures. They are going to learn more about Slovenian culture by visiting some cities and nature goods. The young people are going to have main role in activities; they will be active mentally and physically. The youngsters will promote intercultural dialog and understanding between youngsters from different countries. They will also get know how to make fotograf picture with old tehnicque, how to make internet paige and how to make film and production of it. They will take film about their lives, problems, differences, love and friendship.



My name is Silvia, I come from  Manzanares. I am the only girl of my town  in this travel. I want to meet new friends and to have new experiences. I love Slovenija and I hope this travel  will be interesting experience.

I don´t write very well in English but  I go make a effort .

In my free time I play the clarinet,  I  love to read.  about all Twilight, gossip girl I love this show opera.

In my opinion this travel is very interesting for all.

Juan Carlos


My name  is Juan Carlos and I have 17 years old. I am live in Manzanares, which  is a small city in Spain. The favorite  hobbies are football, handball, volleyball and basketball and my favorite  groups of   is  a Iron Maiden and Nirvana. I hope that I will enjoy in this travel and know very nice people and very different  places.



Hello my name is Enrique. I,ve got 16 years old. My favorite sport is handball and i play in a team from Spain. I practice football, volleyball… . My favorite music is heavy metal and my favorite groups is the iron maiden, metallica, nightwish… . In my opinion about Slovenia is very wood. I hope know a people from Slovenia and yours cultures. The people from Slovenia is very friendly. Also i like learn English. The end.



I’m Carlos. I’m from Spain. I have 33 years old. In Spain I’m work in a Primary School, but I’m a Spanish’s monitor here in Slovenia. I like adventures sports, ski, football, basketball, and  most all sports.I like read a thriller books and i like a fantastic film. I’m a friky. In this change  I hope to learn how is the life in Slovenia.



Hi! My name is Ricardo and my alias is Richi. I’m twenty five years and my country is Spain. In this travel I’m working like monitor with the Spanish’ group. I have studied Art’s History and one Master in Musicology, but for the current state of global crisis, i have not work. My hobbies are read, make sports, go to parties with my friends, and travel.