Looking back

After being home for some days now and can just look back at my time in Slovenia with a big smile. I experienced so much in both work and free time, and I could not have imagined that I would have this great EVS-experience. All these memories and cultural differences will definetly be something I […]

Only a few days left

After an intense week, my last few days have begun. On friday morning it’s back to Finland. Can’t believe how fast these two months has passed by, I have seen and experienced so much here, everything has been above my expectations. This week I have been in both grouphomes, in the primary school and also […]

Last two weeks

Yet another week has passed by and a new one begins. My last two weeks have begun. A part of the group home in Crnuce is now in Finland in my hometown Nykarleby for a youth exchange, so this week will be a bit different. I got have gotten an update from Finland already, and […]

Back to normal

The winter holidays have passed and now it’s back to normal. I had a really nice holidays, did some sightseeing in Slovenia, the only thing I still have on my must-see-list is still lake Bohinj and Bled. I’m waiting for some better weather, I’m starting to get really fed up with this rain that we […]

Winter holidays

Since it is the winter holidays now, I have a week off from work, which gives me opportunity to check out and explore Slovenia. This weekend I was in Kras and tried prosciutto for the first time, which was really tasty! It is amazing to see how the climate changes here depending on which area […]

Picture update

Dober dan! Here is an picture update from last weeks, I have had some problems with uploading pictures but now it’s working so here you go! I have also seen the carnival this week, in Zagreb and in Ljubljana which was really intresting and nice tradition. Especially the sheep costumes! On the national holiday on […]


Hello! Another week has soon passed by, and it has been yet another week filled with fun experiences. The weekend in Maribor was great. Although the weather condition was not the best, we still had a fun weekend of skiing, playing board games and just enjoying each others company. Also they had an initiation for […]

First two weeks

Hello! So now I have been here almost two weeks, and I’m still enjoying it so much. I like all my working places, and that my tasks are a bit different at every place. The main task is of course to speak english, but also to get the youngsters out of their comfortzone and socialize, […]

Hello world!

Hello! I am Linda and I am a volunteer working in Ljubljana for Mladinski dom Jarse. I am a 19 year old swedish speaking finn from the ¬†westcoast of Finland, and I will stay here for 2 months. On this blog I will write about what I think about my work, living in Ljubljana and […]

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