November & December

Hello everyone!

On my last post I got alot of nice comments and I feel very grateful over that people take time to read and comment my blog that I thought nobody would take time to read. So thank you very much I feel more inspierd to write my blog knowing people are reading it.

November haven’t been that exciting for me as September and October. I felt like I needed some rest to just stay here at home and relax some weekends and just enjoy what’s around you. I don’t think I stayed home a single weekend for 2 months.  One weekend was very fun. It started with one friend on mine which is also a EVS volunteer came to visit me. We went to look at old books, vinyls and seocnd hand shops, then we went to this really amazing museum called The Musem of Illusions. After the museum closed I had to go home because the day after I was going on a trip with my cordinator Peter to go experience St. Martins day.

My friend Lea at the Museum of Illusions

Started with Peter picking me up in the morning and he had specifically told me to remember to bring my passport because we are taking a shortcut through Italy to Slovenia and we were already in Slovenia.  So that didn’t make any sense to me but of course I forgot my passport. So long story short I got smuggled into Italy. The whole day trip was amazing. We started the day by going to Brda, there we had a walking tour through the wine fields and we got to taste different kind of wine and also I got to try this really wierd fruit called Kaki. Kaki is a very sweet and tasty fruit, it kinda looks like a orange tomato. The guide told us about the wine fields and the places we visited during the guide but I didn’t understand much because it was all in Slovene, but it’s okay I got a very nice tour and experience anyway. We also visited Medana where there lived a famous Slovene poet and we also got to visit his home and that town was very beautiful.
After the tour we went to Štanjel which kinda reminded me of a medieval village. They had a big festtival there and they were playing music and dancing and of course drinking alot of wine. I got to experience the beautiful garden called Ferrari garden. The sun was going down so I didn’t have much time to take so good pictures. If you ever go to this region close to the Italian border than you must visit this place, it’s stunning!
We left Štanjel and went to Dutovlje where they also celebrated St. Martins day. We got there a little to late so we missed when the baptised the wine but insted I got to wittnes when some drunk Slovenes closed down the street and started playing music. They were dancing and singing their music. It was really amazing to watch them celebrate and also cars were honking at them but they didn’t care at all. After that Peter drove me back home.

A black Olive
Peter are really into these glass bottles
Ferrari garden

One sunday I went with the Kokos group to lake Bohinj. I’ve been there before 3 years ago when I was in Slovenia on a Youth Exchange. When we got there the first thing we did was to put all of our phones into the glovebox in the car, I found this quite wierd at the beginning because im not used to go anywhere without my phone. After a while I felt so much closer and with the nature and the people I was there with. Im used to take photos on my phone and post some on social media when im on some trips or to any new places but being without felt so much better. Insted I could just enjoy everything without having to check my phone every 5 minutes and it was so refreshing. Try it!
We walked around the entire lake and it took around 2h and it was one of my best walks of my life so far, it was like looking at a postcard everywhere you looked. It’s definitly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited.

With the group from Črnuče we went one weekend to the spa. I can’t describe how relaxing all the pools were and also the sauna. I’ve really missed my old buddy the sauna, I haven’t felt so relaxad so far during my stay here in Slovenia than this weekend. We also went to a tropical garden which really felt like a jungle. Im so glad that we went there. I felt that I got much closer to some of the youngsters but maybe a bit further from the mentors.

I want to talk a little about how I feel in Kokos and in Črnuče. In Kokos it feels more family friendly, the place where the yougsters hangout most is in the mentors office. They feel much more like a family there and is a much more relaxed athmosphere. In Črnuče it feels much more stressed out and tense. Yes sometimes it’s really relaxed but most of the time it’s tense but in a good way. In Črnuče the mentors feel more like teachers. I don’t really know what to say about all of this. I like both their way of handeling the youngsters. I don’t think that the way in Kokos would work here in Črnuče and the same way around at Kokos. I really have nothing to complain about in any of the houses. They handle their youngsters in the way they do and it works so what is it to complain about? I really love all of my co-workers even if im not the most talkative or social volunteer they’ve had but I hope they enjoy my company here.

December started of with me moving. I moved to Moste which is much closer to the centre. I live now with four other people that are in the same postion as me. Foreigners in a strange and unknown country, two of them are EVS volunteers like me and the other two are Erasmus+ students. I really enjoy living there, I get along very well with them as well so it’s perfect almost. The place is very small, the kitchen is way to small and we have to shara a 1m high refridgirator with 5 people. and we have also a small table where we have all of our food and it’s also our kitchen table and you can barely fit there. But it’s okay, I have good company there and that’s what matters.

I late November I bought a ticket back home for the Christmas holidays and I didn’t tell anyone except my friends in Slovenia, cordinator and my family. So when I got back home I suprised them and everything was really incredible. I was so glad seeing my family, I’ve really missed them alot but after a few days home I started to miss Slovenia and work. I just really wanted to get back there and to be in a rutine again. At home it felt quite boring because I didn’t know what I would do so I just waited for stuff to happen, that’s maybe because I didn’t tell anyone I was coming home. Most of the time I had alot of fun and I was home for about 2 weeks and when I was going back to Slovenia it felt really good but nervous coming back to the land of the unknown.

Take care, talk to you soon.


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