January and until now.

Hello everyone!

I don’t have any pictures taken since I came back to Slovenia so I will put some photos from Finland.

It felt strange being back here in Slovenia. It felt like coming home but not really your home, to a very friendly place but still so unknown. I was happy the first week here but then I started to feel lonely. It was like I wasn’t around like I was there but my mind was somewhere else. I think it was because I spent so much time with my friends back home that I felt lonely until one weekend I went out with my flatmates and it was so much fun I had such a great time and then after I didn’t feel so lonely.

Playing hockey

Most of the weekends I’ve spent with my flatmates and didn’t travel at all because now my money that I’ve saved since I worked last summer is running out so that’s one of the reasons I haven’t traveled anything but I hope I will go somewhere soon. This month I’ve been working alot with the youngsters in Črnuče with two videos.  One of the videos is for a Youth Exchange they are going to in my hometown Nykarleby and they are going to meet my friends and my sending organisation and I am really jealous of them going there and having their time of their life. The other video is a more serious one that is about what this group is. I had alot of fun recording the videos and editing it. I hope we will do another one for the exchange here in Slovenia in the middle of June. I also went Ice skating with Peter and his kids, well not Peter he just watched while I and his kids played hockey. The first hour we just ice skated and the next two hours we played hockey and it was really a great time and I could see that they enjoyed it as well.

A block of ice

In Kokos I baked a cake and I also had a workshop. It was a juggling workshop and I thought them how to make their own juggling balls and also how to juggle. It was very fun and alot of them improved with their juggling skills and two of them actually learned how to juggle a little. I am really looking forward to bake more cakes because I’m really starting to enjoy baking cakes, It suck though that I don’t have a oven in my house where I live. If I had a oven I would bake cakes all the time.

This is ice

I’ve had no motivation at all to take any photos since I got back from Finland. I don’t find this winter landscape here in Ljubljana that beautiful. People thinks that Im crazy for not thinking it’s beautiful but I grew up with snow and Im getting quite annoyed by it. It’s not appeling at all, It get’s in everywhere and it’s wet and cold, it’ just not for me at all. I love the sun and warmth, I was told that there haven’t been such good winters and that it’s been quite warm these recent years but apperently it decided to turn Slovenia into Finland and I don’t find that cool at all. I am so far away from Finland and still it’s just as cold now as it’s there and I don’t understand how.

Frozen sea

One weekend we went skiing with the group from Črnuče. The planning and everything went great except I missed my ride to Vogel. It caused alot of extra stress and problems that shouldn’t have been there from the first place. So far that day when I went to Vogel has been the worst so far, it felt like I let them down that day. Anyway the day after when we started skiing, I had borrowed a snowboard and snowboard boots. I put my boots on and was super ready to shred the slopes  but of course when I get out and start putting the boots on my board the plastic on the bottom of one of the boots breaks and comes loose so I couldn’t go ride then. Then I had to go rent a pair of boots but it was quite cheap for two days so it was alright. This was the second time I snowboarded in my life, the first time was just a few weeks before when I went with some friends from Škofja Loka one Thuesday morning. It was very hard to snowboard but I had a little experience when I skate during the summer. The was you move is kinda the same but the hard part was swithing your weight when your turning, if you have the weight on the wrong side you will faceplant or something worse. But this weekend was so much fun skiing, I will definitly try to go skiing more when I come back home to Finland because it was so fun. I got a new love for skiing that weekend.

I was free for one week here in February, I was spent mostly my time that week with my flatmates and I also had some friends coming here to Ljubljana that I spent my time with. I didn’t go outside of Ljubljana because Im trying to save some money because Im having alot of friends that’s coming here in both April and May so Im very excited for that. This last week when the group from Črnuče went to Finland I spent a few days at Production School. It’s a place for high schoolers that have jumped of school or have alot of problems at school so they are there a some days a week and some days in school or they go to that school. I had alot of fun there, I had my Finland and EVS presentation there and some activities and I also made some bulla! They didn’t turn out so good because we used a small plate to put in the oven so it didn’t fit in the middle so the bottom got burned a little but they still tasted very good! I felt wierd just to stay just two days it would have been very fun to spend some more time there but I will hang out with them more later in the future. They invited me to help them film a video in a theather so im a little excited for that.

From now on you will get a update every Friday. They won’t be that long the posts but they will be a little more detailed and more of my thoughts.


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