Hello everyone!

I chose to post this weeks post on Sunday insted of Friday because I went to Kamnik over the weekend and I wanted to show you some photos.

This week was very good, the youngsters came back home from Finland and everyone of them was so excited about it. They feel a little spaced out. Their minds are still at the exchange it seems, It have happend to me aswell when I’ve been on a exchange and sometimes it’s a bit hard to snap back to reality.
I need to start writing down my thought now when im posting weekly, I feel it would provide much better content for the blog. Otherwise it would be quite booring for the people that read my blog if I just write what I’ve done.
This weekend I went to Kamnik to visit a friend I met on the Mid-term evaluation. I have never been to Kamnik before and it is such a nice and cozy town. We went hiking to Stari grad and the view was insane, I could almost see home from there!
I will see you on Friday.

The view of Kamnik
The flag of Kamnik


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