Monday started with a meeting with Sonja my mentor and it felt good seeing her again after a bit more than a month. I haven’t seen her because I haven’t felt that good and I wanted some time for myself. I feel much better now and the meeting with Sonja really made me see things differently and also I felt more motivated to do things. After the meeting I went right to Kokos because I had my evaluation there. The evaluation went great and I was happy with the things I said because I’ve been afraid to say them and now it feels much better after getting it out of my system. The rest of the week has been nothing special except on Thursday I cooked with one of the youngsters and it turned out okay. I mean not everone liked it and we made alot of mistakes because neither of us are that good cooks and I am terrible at it and I dislike cooking alot. But I learned alot from it so for me it was a complete succes.
I’ve gotten this need that I feel to write stuff, like stories or just lines of whatever pops up. So that’s kinda interesting because I really don’t like writing at all but now all of the sudden that’s changed. Maybe I will become a writer who knows?


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