Hello everyone! On Sunday I went with Peter and his family to Slavnik and hike. The hike up took almost an hour and it was very warm, it was almost 20 degrees so for me it was summer. The view from it was incredible, you had view of the sea side and you could see mountains aswell. I wish we could have stayed there longer. After the hike we went to Lipica where they breed horses, white and beatiful horses. It was really cool aswell but not as cool as the hike.
In Kokos we started planning some movies that we wanted to film, one a bit more serious and another that is going to be a scary movie. On wednesday we started filming the serious one, I started interviewing the youngsters and asked them how they felt in Kokos and how they got there and suprisingly they were very open with everything and it got also got quite deep and emotional. The result was really incredibl. Also on Wednesday I went to hike with Peter again but this time to Šmarna Gora. It is much smaller than Slavnik but the terrain up was much harder and it was much harder to climb but the it was all worth it for the view. You had the view of Ljubljana and also of mountains. Im planning of bringing my friends there when they come here.
On Thursday my sending cordinator Emil from Finalnd came for avp meeting so I was really excited to see him. Me and Marko picked him up at the airport and we went to Črnuče for dinner. After that we went out for some drinks and it was really great having someone you can talk Swedish with. On Saturday two of my closest friends will come to vistit for a week and we have planned a trip to Croatia on Sunday with them and Emil so next week will be really busy.
Have fun and I will see you soon.


Food, gardening and Trieste

Hello everyone! Last weekend I went on a Easter lunch but it felt more like a dinner. I went with 2 of my flatmates to a Greek resturant and we met some friends there and had a big Easter meal and it was really lovely athmosphere and the food was delicious. It’s almost like im starting to enjoy Greek food over Slovenian. On Monday when it was a holiday I went to Trieste with my flatmates and some people from the same house I live in. It was really a perfect day for a trip to Italy, it felt like the first summer day of the year and it was so great everything. The weather was perfect, the people I was with was perfect and the city was perfect. I couldn’t have had any more perfect day than this.

I have alos found love for gardening. I was in the garden most of the time in Črnuče this week. I never thought it could be that relaxing removing moss and weed from the garden and cutting branches. Just having something to take care of felt so good. When I was the kid I hated being in the garden but now it’s all changed. When I come home to Finland I hope I can do something in our garden because I’ve really never thought about our garden until now.
Have a great week and I will see you soon.



Sick & Easter

Hello everyone! Last week I was sick almost the whole week, I had a fever for 3 days so I was only at work for one day. It was really horrible being sick here alone. This week started off good. At Kokos there is now a woman who is doing her practical work there for a few weeks,  it has been really fun at Kokos when you are not alone there and you have someone that’s in the same position. On Tuesday I came in a little earlier at work and I had a meeting with Peter and I got some tasks for the future and I feel a bit excited now for the future. On Wednesday me and my flatmates had a suprise party for one of my flatmates who turned 23 and we bought her a cake and gifts, it was a really fun experience. On Thursday we painted eggs the whole day at Črnuče, we painted 500 eggs and they had invited friends and family to join and also ex members of Črnuška gmajna so the whole day was alot of fun and alot of egg painting.
Have a great week and I wil see you!