Sick & Easter

Hello everyone! Last week I was sick almost the whole week, I had a fever for 3 days so I was only at work for one day. It was really horrible being sick here alone. This week started off good. At Kokos there is now a woman who is doing her practical work there for a few weeks,  it has been really fun at Kokos when you are not alone there and you have someone that’s in the same position. On Tuesday I came in a little earlier at work and I had a meeting with Peter and I got some tasks for the future and I feel a bit excited now for the future. On Wednesday me and my flatmates had a suprise party for one of my flatmates who turned 23 and we bought her a cake and gifts, it was a really fun experience. On Thursday we painted eggs the whole day at Črnuče, we painted 500 eggs and they had invited friends and family to join and also ex members of Črnuška gmajna so the whole day was alot of fun and alot of egg painting.
Have a great week and I wil see you!


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