Food, gardening and Trieste

Hello everyone! Last weekend I went on a Easter lunch but it felt more like a dinner. I went with 2 of my flatmates to a Greek resturant and we met some friends there and had a big Easter meal and it was really lovely athmosphere and the food was delicious. It’s almost like im starting to enjoy Greek food over Slovenian. On Monday when it was a holiday I went to Trieste with my flatmates and some people from the same house I live in. It was really a perfect day for a trip to Italy, it felt like the first summer day of the year and it was so great everything. The weather was perfect, the people I was with was perfect and the city was perfect. I couldn’t have had any more perfect day than this.

I have alos found love for gardening. I was in the garden most of the time in Črnuče this week. I never thought it could be that relaxing removing moss and weed from the garden and cutting branches. Just having something to take care of felt so good. When I was the kid I hated being in the garden but now it’s all changed. When I come home to Finland I hope I can do something in our garden because I’ve really never thought about our garden until now.
Have a great week and I will see you soon.



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