FInnish people in Slovenia

Hello everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t updated it in a few weeks, I bought a diary and I started to write in that one so I kinda forgot to write her.
I met up with Emil, Peter, Marko and Dora from Portugal for ice cream.
Later we went to a café for a coffe and we talked a little about the exchange
I am going to be in and we had a really good time. After the coffee I took Emil to a see a exhibition. The exhibition was north of where we had coffee so it was very easy to find the place, and it was in Tivoli Grad and it was also the opening day so it was perfect. It was David Lynch who had the exhibition there an he is one of my favourite directors so I was really excited to see his work. It was a bunch of paintings he made with the coal and he painted them by hand and it was really cool. You could really see some stuff from the new season of Twin Peaks which I loved! At the end of the exhibition he had a few short films he made from the 60s until 2015 I think. They were really freaky and wierd just as I like it. There was also a chalkwall that you could write with different kinds of crayons and me and Emil kept writing a bunch of Twin Peaks quotes. I had a really good time there with Emil. After the exhibition went to meet with Peter, Marko and Dora for pizza, and the place we went to is called Trta and it’s the best pizza place in town. I went to Focolus where people say it’s the best but no it’s trash! Trta is the shit! It’s the best pizza ever!! After the delicious pizza we went to a bar and drank some beer and had a really good time and we met a kangaroo and took some pictures with it.

Saturday was the day Oliver and Jerker came to visit me! I was waiting all day for them and they arrived around 7 here. But before that I went out with a guy from my house where I live and we went to Tivoli park and chilled really hard. After that I went to meet with Oliver, Peter and Emil and we went to the brewery for some burgers and beers! It was so nice seeing them after 4 months. After that we went with Jerker and Olivers stuff to Črnuče and then we went to Metelkova because it’s Emils favourite place in Ljubljana and we had a lot of fun there and we also met up with Peter and Tessa who we met 4 years ago on a exchange here in Ljubljana. We couldn’t stay there so long because next morning we were going to go to Croatia for a little roadtrip.

I over slept and I woke up where we were supposed to meet because Oliver called me and asked where I was so it ended with them had to come and pick me up. We drove first to Postojna and then down towards Rijeka in Croatia and we stopped by a gas station and had some coffee. When we got to the border we first stopped at the Slovenian side to give the passports and then we drove to the Croatian side and Jerker forgot to stop and the guy at the booth checking passports got really mad at Jerker and kept saying “I will punish you” , “You need to think when you drive” and “Stupid European” and it was really funny and we kept on waiting the whole trip for what he meant by “I will punish you”. We drove down to Rijeka because I found out that there was an Abandoned missile launce station there and I can’t tell how we got there here because I think people are not alowed to go inside there because it was quite dangerous but the place was so cool and totally worth it! After that we drove down to Zadar which took around 3h to drive and we took the coast road and that was the best decision we did during the trip because google maps said to go another way but we wanted to see the coast and it was absolutly incredible! When we got to Zadar it was around 21 and we had a little problem finding a parkling place because we had rented an Airbnb apartment over the night. After we found a place we went up with our bags and then we went directly out to go see the old town and it was raining a little but it was fine. We went to go see the organ by the sea and it was soo cool. And we walked a little around the old town and then we walked back to the apartment.

Next day we went driving to Plitvice which is a national park full with waterfalls and I have never seen anything like this before, it was waterfalls everywhere you looked It was the most incredible place I’ve ever seen. We spent around 6h there and it was quite wierd because we never showed our ticket so basically you could just go in there and it was so wierd. After the park we drove to Karlovac and when we started driving there it started raining really hard and hailing so we could basically se nothing! It was crazy how much it rained and when we arrived we searched for a hostel there and we found a perfect one in the center and it was very cheap. It was thundering so you could see the lightning very good from our room where we slept. I would really like to work at a hostel some time in the future. We went out to eat some food and I had some calamari and I haven’t had it since I was on exchange in Slovenia 4 years ago. Perfect ending to a perfect day.

We left quite early in the morning because Emil was leaving today so we drove to Ljubljana because we was also meeting with a volunteer from Portugal that was volunteering in Nykarleby last year. So we went for lunch at my favourite resturant here in Ljubljana called Druga Violina, They have really good and cheap food and everyday there is a different menu and they also have people with downsyndrome that’s helping the resturant which is really cool of them. After lunch we went to Vigo (Best ice cream shop in Slovenia) to buy ice cream and then we had to say good bye to Emil but I will see him soon in June when he is coming here for the exchange. I went home and after a few hours Oliver and Jerker came to my place to visit and see how I have it here. They met my flat mates and we had a good time. Next day we went to BTC the shopping “city” it’s almost as big as Nykarleby. We spend alot of time there to just chill and buy stuff. Oliver found some shoes and Jerker found himself a cap. Later we all went home to shower and stuff and then we met again at Trta to east some delicious pizza, and we were quite close to the castle so after we went up there and we saw a fox and alot of bats. Next day we woke up early because we were going to go to Smarna gora the hill where I went with Peter the week before. We had a lot of fun going up and we had a beer at the top but then Peter called and asked if I could come earlier to work because he needed me there to do some garden work which I love doing there, so we had to go earlier back. When I came there I started directly almost with garden work and I stopped when dinner was ready and after dinner went out for a stroll in the city and went for a beer and then home because next morning we were going to Bohinj.
See you and have a good time!

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