1st of May

Hello everyone! It started with holidays, so my plan for the holidays was to go travel with my EVS friend Carolina from Portugal. So on Friday I went to Kamnik to meet Carolina so we could plan what we would do during the holidays. When I got there we went for a walk through Kamnik and then she had to record her voice for a EVS video she made for a competition. That was quite exciting to see how recording sound in a studio looks like and it took maybe around an hour to get the perfect one. After recording we went out to meet some other EVS friends and we had a lot of fun.I slept over in Kamnik because the next day we were going to go on a trip. Woke up the next day and Carolina was working on the video and the day before we talked about hair colouring and I’ve wanted to do something with it my hair so insted of going on a day trip we decided to colour my hair. I didn’t know what colour to colour it but I knew kinda. It was either between black, blonde or orange. Eventually I chose black and it turned out amazing. I was super nervous to colour it and it took around 2h the entire prosses and I’m really happy with it and I couldn’t have done it without Carolina so thank you! 2 hours later we decided to go to Ljubljana to Metelkova for a  concert and it was very fun evening there. I stayed home the next day and worked on the video for Kokos which I find quite difficult, there is so much great content but I can’t use everything because it will be around 30 min long and that is way to long, I probably have to shorten it down to atleast 15 min.

Next day I went back to Kamnik around 17 to celebrate the first of May. We went to a bonfire there. I was told it was going to be a huge bonfire but it wasn’t that huge, quite small and I was a little bit dissapointed by it. The celebration was otherwise really fun. They had a band and they were playing Slovenian songs and I went dancing there and had a really good time. It felt like the whole town was there and having fun celebrating so the energy there was great! We stayed there until everyone went home. The next day we just took it easy and relaxed and I went home later during the day.  Otherwise nothing special happend this week. I spent most of the time with my lovely flatmates.
See you soonand have a good time!

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