Finnish Departure

Hello everyone! I woke up around 6am to get ready to go to Bohinj with Oliver and Jerker. We wanted to go early because it takes around 2h with bus to Bohinj and we wanted to visit Bled aswell. We planned on taking the bus at 8am and I got there around 15min early but Oliver and Jerker came a little late so we missed the bus with 2min but that was okay, we went to Metelkova to check it out during the day and they really liked it alot. We waited until the next bus that arrived at 9am so we didn’t have to wait so long for it. We arrived around 11 at Bohinj and it was so hot there, It was like walking through Sahara, we were dying. We started to walk around the lake but when we were almost half way around we saw a bunch of workers working with some forrest machines and they had a sign that the road was closed for walking so we had to walk back. Either way it was fine because we got to enjoy the most of what Bohinj offered. When we got back at the bus stop we decided not to go to Bled because we were alreay tierd and exhausted from the walk and the heat so we went to go get something small to eat and then we left for home.
When we got back to Ljubljana we went for something to eat. When we walk through the city centre there was some girls who invited us for a pub crawl through Ljubljana and it sounded quite fun so we thought about it and Jerker was a little excited even though he dosen’t drink and he haven’t really enjoyed the night life here so we gave it a shot.
The evening came and I was on my way to meet Oliver and Jerker and on the way I saw on the news that Avicii had died so that kinda bummed me out. I was a huge fan of his music I also saw him live in Helsinki in 2015 right before he announced that he was going to quit playing shows and just focus on making music. Anyway we arrived at the meeting point and we paid for the pub crawl and we the whole night was alot of fun. We met alot of new people because everyone was international and Jerker had a good time so it was worth it.

The next day was the day of the departure for Oliver and Jerker. We met up in the city centre for one last lunch at my favourite resturant and I just had a coffee because I wasn’t feeling my best hehe. But after the lunch we went for a walk through the centre and took photos with Olivers analog camera. I really need to get myself one of those. You only have a limited photos with those and you really need to choose at which moment to take a photo, with digital you can take unlimited photos until you get the right one and with the analog one you really have to think. This would really improve my camera eye and I would become a better photagrapher so the next thing im going to buy is a analog camera.
After the walk we went to the busstation where Oliver and Jerker were going to take their shuttle to the airport. It was really sad seeing them leave because i had so much fun with them when they were here and when they left I started to really miss home and my friends. The following week I started working with my movie for Kokos and that was really though and emotional. In Črnuče I was mostly in the garden and that was so nice and relaxing and I really needed to relax and  I really needed to rest. The week with my friends here has so far been the most exhausting and fun adventure here.  My calf started hurting everytime I walked, I don’t think I’ve walked this much or beeing this active for a long time and that caused my calf to hurt. Also I went to see Avengers Infinity war with my flatmate Marta and it was incredible. My flatmates have wanted me to include them in my blog. They have been basically begging me to include them so soon in the future I will make a seperate post about them. That will be fun hehehe.
See you soon and have a good time.


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