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The September post have been updated with some photos also!!

October started with a trip to Škofja Loka, I went climbing up a mountain or a hill like Slovenes calls it. The mountain is called Lubnik and it was 1025m high but to me it was a huge milestone, it’s something else than climbing Roskisbackan in Nykarleby hehe. It was a quite heavy to walk up there and it took around 2h but when you got up there the view was incredible! Me and some other EVS volunteers climbed up with some Slovene guys and what I found strange is that they drink alot. We had alot of breaks climbing up and everytime the Slovenes brought out some schnapps and drank a little and also when we came to some resting point I could see other people sitting and drinking schnapps and it was around 11 in the morning! At the top it was the same thing, they had a resturant there and everyone almost except the kids were drinking alcohol. I don’t know if it’s a typical thing for the Slovenes to drink when they hike or if it was some special day when i climbed, anyway it was very strange to me. Actually I’ve never climbed a mountain in Finland so I don’t know if they do the same there.

Panorama from the top of Lubnik
This is the highest point and it also show in which direction other mountains are.

This month I finally was able to start working at Kokos. It was very nervous at first and most of the youngsters there aren’t that good at English so it was quite hard to communicate. After a while they let loose a bit more and tried to speak English with me. It’s really great there and my collegues there are amazing and we also went on a day trip to Solčava i think it was called, im really bad with Slovenian names and it took me like 1 month to remember the name of the place where I live Črnuče.
Anyway this trip to the mountains were incredible, I could never imagine that i would ever experiemce this kind of view. I remember i just wanted to stay there and just look at the view and not continue hiking up the mountain.

Breathtaking view!

The hike took around 1 and a half hour but it probably woud have taken around 1h if i didn’t stop all the time and gasp and take photos at the view. When we got up there we had some delicious soup with some sausage and it was incredible, Slovenian food is muuuuch better than Finnish food hand down! Finnish food taste like garbage compared to food they have here but we have better milk and chocolate though. Alright, back to the hike. Now after we had some food we went back down the mountain and we were going to go see a waterfall! I’ve never seen a waterfall before so when I think of waterfalls I think of huge ones like Niagara falls or Victoria falls and that kind of waterfalls but it was quite the opposite. I remember coming close to it, I couldn’t see it but i could hear it. And when  I finally saw it I got a little dissapointed because it sounded soo big and might but nooo it was quite tiny, but it was alright for my first waterfall. Just remember if you’ve never seen a waterfall dont get fooled by the sound!

The might waterfall Rinka

After the whole waterfall thing we went back home and I fell asleep during the trip home but I remember someone talking about donuts and I woke up. We were apperently going to grab some famous Slovenian donuts but when we got there we got sad because there was like 50 – 60 people there waiting in line for the donuts so we just turned around and went back home.

As you know in October there is Halloween. So a another friend of mine who I met in Laško who is a volunteer also were working on a project with her organisation  and they were planning a haunted house on Halloween. They were missing a “actor” to be in the haunted house and scare people she asked me if I would like to scare the shit out of people on Halloween and I said yes! So for the entire October they planned this haunted house and it was going to be in some tunnels under the city Kranj and let me tell you those tunnles are very spooky! The story for the haunted house come from a Ljubljana legend called Povodni mož aka The Water Man. Povodni mož is a man or a creature who can shape shift and he takes victims and drown them in the river in Ljubljana. It was made famous by the poet France Preseren, Slovenias most important cultural figure. He also wrote the national anthem. If you want to know more about Preseren and Povodni mož visit this site.
So I was playing a boy who were kidnapped and drowned by povodni mož and trapped in the tunnel of Kranj, we filmed a video of me getting kidnapped and thrown in the tunnel and I put my A game in the acting. My part in the tunnel was that I was jumping out from a curtain and screaming and running after the people who came to visit and that was one of the most fun thing I have ever done. The haunted house got sold out and it was for two days.

One weekend me and some other EVS voluteers from Škofja Loka decided to go to Budapest over the weekend because it is very close. Im so fortune to be in this postion where im in the middle of Europe and I can travel for very little money to alot of places. If you drive one and a half hour at any direction you’re in another country, Slovenia is that small! So we rented a car and drove to Budapest and it took around 4h there. The whole place is incredble, so much history! But I thought that it was too big, I mean I think Ljubljana is huuge with their almost 280 thousand inhabitants but Budapest was way bigger with aroun 2 million inhabitats. I really felt small in that city, felt like I was drowning in it with all the people everywhere. I miss my small city a little an my car, It’s so wierd going with bus or walking everywhere when back home I just jump in my car and drive for a few minutes and im there. The thing I don’t like being in a big city is that it feels like everything takes so long like going to Črnuče to the center takes like almost half an hour with bus, back home the same route would take around 5-7min.
Back to Budapest. Before the trip I read the new Dan Brown book called Origins, im a huge fan of his and one sceene thats in the book is in Budapest and I went to check it out and it was incredble. I don’t want to tell you what it was because I don’t wanna spoil anyone so you have to read it to know where I went. We also met an American there who was also visiting but he was studing in Prague, so he invited us to come there and visit him and he would also guide us through Prauge. I really hope that we will be able to go there and visit him.
I hope you enjoyed it and I will upload November blog really shortly.

The gang


The parlament in Budapest