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Izvedba tega projekta je financirana s strani Evropske komisije. Vsebina publikacije (komunikacije) je izključno odgovornost avtorja in v nobenem primeru ne predstavlja stališč Evropske komisije

Thursday, 26. 6. 2014: Day 6 – day out

In the morning we woke up really tired, ate some breakfast and packed for our trip to Bled. We stopped at Velika Zaka had a cute short energizer and then some free time. In our free time we had a chance to go to a shop, to take a swim or just to walk and enjoy in the sun. Some went swimming by their self and some were thrown in the water… (Like me). After that we went on a boat (Pletna) and to the Bled Island. There we saw a lovely church and ate some delicious ice cream. Later we went to our home and played Finished games.. DO NOT EAT WHAT THEY GIVE YOU! But even though those were finish games, fins were the last. After wards it we had diner and a beautiful finish evening. There presentation started with some good music, great energy and was like that till the end. They prepared us a short theatre play and represented us some really good food –> Again, do not eat weird black things!

So the whole day was lovely, full of energy with a lot of sunshine and laughter.

Friday, 27. 6. 2014: Day 7 – Feet in the sea, chasing Prosteus / The bestt day

We had to get up early at 6.15, but it as worth it. It was a super day. We took the bus and we went to Postojna Cave, which was cold, but exciting. After that we went to see Predjamski Castle built in a mountain. It was beautiful and The story of the castle and Erasmus was very interesting. He died sitting on the toilet.

Then we went to Piran and we tasted calamari. it was YUMMY! We were swimming in the sea. Some of us for the first time.

Then we went on a boat to see how they produce salt.

We got back to Ljubljana very tired around 21.30.

Thank you for the nice day!!!!

Tuesday, 24. 6. 2014: Day 4 – Country roaaad

Bohinj is a small but interesting place to visit as a traveler. It is situated in between the mountains and therefore the air feels a bit cooler than in Ljubljana.

On Tuesday we went to this beautiful place to experience some of the activities offered there. Some of us were really looking forward to one of the activities which was climbing a mountain wall. It was slippery, scary and exciting. After that we went paddling on the beautiful lake in Bohinj. That was a very calming experience with the surrounding mountains and the flat calm water.


We spent the evening around a bonfire in the rain. One of the leaders had prepared a workshop about inner fears. We were told to go into forest and talk to a tree. On our return to the bonfire we brought a stick which represented our inner fears or problems. We through the sticks into the fire and in that way we would get rid of what was putting pressure on our minds. At the moment the rain didn’t matter. It was actually giving a mysterious feeling over the whole experience.


Monday, 23. 6. 2014: Day 3 – Velika planina

Our sunny day started at 8o’clock with some energy giving breakfast. After that we packed everything that was needed for our trip to Velika Planina, when we finished we sat on a bus and had an hour and a half of fun drive with a short presentation of where we are going. We didn’t waste time and headed straight to the top. We had a few breaks,  so we could stretch and come even quicker to our first real stop. That was at the top and  where we looked at the Snow Mary Chapel, enjoyed the beautiful view and visited a museum of a real shepherds cottage. We hiked some more, took some more pictures and finally arrived at Jarški dom, where we finally ate. But before lunch Julia had a presentation about fist aid and CPR , so we learned about importance of water, how to treat a person that has passed out and a person that’s not breathing.  For lunch we had some typical Slovenian food, like jota, ričet, žganci and a lot of other good food. After well deserved desert we relaxed some more, we made mixed pairs and gave an animal massage to each other. On our way down we talked with our partner and got the chance to get to know them individually. We had a break at the middle of our way down where Dora had the workshop about self defence, she mildly  injured Marko and Gašper. But we learned a lot useful things about self defence. On our way to the bus we had to learn 3 words from our partners country and at the parking we made a circle and everyone showed what they learned. The weather was really good and sunny and we all were pretty tired, so we went on the bus and headed for Črnuče. The atmosphere was really positive and happy. (BECAUSE WE’RE HAPPY) 

The evening ended with Peter’s delicious pancakes and full happy stomachs. before we start the long roadwho is whoin the middle of the way breakniceparticipants friendtop


Sunday, 22. 6. 2014: Day 2 – Ljubljana s treasure

Tesa, Petra, Mišel getting to know each otherMarks stick where we are now? citiy gamesHAPPY


Today was very good and interesting. It was hard to get up, because we arrived late at night. In the morning we met the Slovenian and Finnish youngsters. We played name games.

In the afternoon we went to the city and played city games, we were in four groups and we had a lot of stations, where we were doing a lot of interesting and exciting exercises e.g. we had to talk to the dragon, and dance on a square. We went to the castle, which was amazing and we did cardio. We walked a lot in this beautiful city. We really enjoyed it.

O projektu

The project »Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body« is going to take place in Slovenia in the end of June for 7 days. Participants will be 24 young people from Slovenia, Finland and Hungary with different kind of background (culture and environmental) and personal life situation.

The issue of the exchange will be education through different sport activities, supporting outdoor activites and finding out how can we influence on our physical and mental health. The exchange aim is to provide young people with a framework for a healthy lifestyle by focusing on the benefits of participating in outdoor activities.

The programme is a combination of practical activities where young people work in teams trying out different sports and “close to nature”-activities complemented with a number of workshops.

They are going to learn more about Slovenian culture by visiting some cities and nature goods. The young people are going to have main role in activities; they will be active mentally and physically and they will learn that results of the high motivation are new knowledge, new experiences, new skills. The youngsters will promote intercultural dialog and understanding between youngsters from different countries.

The emphasis of the programme is to build self esteem, acceptance of other people, open our minds, learn about other cultures and value different countries. Trough challenges in outdoor activities we can compare our lives and the situations we live in.

Working methods: group work with discussions on the issue, group evaluation meetings, intercultural evenings, informal meetings, presentations, different workshops, etc.